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Monika R. Henzinger received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1993 under the supervision

of Robert E. Tarjan. Afterwards, she was an assistant professor in Computer Science at Cornell

University. She joined the Digital Systems Research Center (now Compaq Computer Corporation's

Systems Research Center) in 1996. Her current research interests are information retrieval on the

World Wide Web and algorithmic problems arising in this context.

Je rey Dean received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1996, working on ecient

implementation techniques for object-oriented languages under Professor Craig Chambers. He

joined Compaq's Western Research Laboratory in 1996, where he worked on pro ling techniques,

performance monitoring hardware, compiler algorithms, and information retrieval. In February,

1999, he joined mySimon, Inc., where he is currently working on scalable comparison shopping

systems for the World Wide Web. His current research interests include information retrieval and

the development of scalable systems for the World Wide Web. He is two continents shy of his goal

of playing basketball on every continent.


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