Why less is more

One of the most common mistakes when designing a website is to do too much, to add too many functions and to lose focus on the key elements of the website. Most people have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of resources. less is moreThis means that whatever resources you put into one part of the project you will be unable to use for another part of the project.. What this means is that you can achieve a better result if you are laser focused on the most important things rather then trying to be everything for every man.

You might be able to more functions and cover more topics later. But you have to be focused and make sure that what you have is almost perfect before you broaden your scope. The best way to get a lot of visitors, a lot of links and to the top of the search engines is to offer a fantastic website that is better than all its competitors. The best way to do this is to stay focused.

Building a fantastic website that is focused around its main topic is a great way to build the foundation for long term success. A website that will require very little work and that can remain the best in the business for years to come.

Simple design

A simple design is always the best option. 10 years ago people would spend a lot more time on a website than they do now. Back then there was value to adding cool functions and other things that helped set your website apart. Today we have a lot less patience when we browse websites and we want them to load as fast as possible and make it easy to find the information we are looking for. Today your goal should be to make is as easy as possible to find certain information on your website and to make sure that it loads as fast as possible. It is true that a more advanced layout can load quickly but a clean simple layout will always load faster then a more advanced one.

Your goal should be to provide your visitors with tan fast elegant way to find the information they are looking for.

User interface and navigation

A good easy to navigate user interface is very important in a website. It will help the visitor find the information they are looking for and it will also help the search engines find your website and determine which your most important pages are.

Navigating a website with a well designed content structure and without any unnecessary content will be a lot easier than it will be of there is unnecessary bloat in the menus. The same is true if the navigation links to unnecessary functions. Any unnecessary function and content might funnel content away from your profitable pages.

Clear message

Your goal with your website should always be to send a clear message. This is true regardless of whether your message is buy widget a, Justin Bieber is the best musician ever or German blue rams require the following care to thrive. Your goal is to make it easy for the readers to focus on and absorb the information and the message you provide. You should therefore avoid any and old distraction that might distract the reader. This means that anything that is not 100% necessary should be removed. If it doesn’t make it easier to understand the message then it makes it harder and should not be there.