How to write good articles

Writing a good article ca be easy if your keep a few things in mind. A few things designed to help you write a website that is easy read and easy to understand. A good article should be written with the reader in mind and easy to read on all units. When you write for the web you should usually write articles that are for every one and that require little previous knowledge to understand. Avoid complicated language and overly complicated sentence structures.

Structure the text well

write articleHeaders are your friends when you are writing an article. They allow you to structure the text and servers it to the reader in bit sized chunks. This makes it easier to understand your text and makes it clearer what the information is refereeing to.

The H1 header should only be used once in an article. It is the title for the entire article, the over arching topic. You can have an unlimited number of subordinate headers in the article.

The h1 header should be followed by an h2 header. This header identifies a sub topic within the main article. If you want to divide the sub topic into several sections you should use the h3 to do that. Once you are finished covering everything you want to write about a sub topic then you use an h2 header to introduce a new topic.


H1 Widgets
– H2 Blue widgets
– – H3 Old blue widgets
– – H3 New blue widgets
– – H3 Cheap blue widgets
– H2 Red Widget

Divide the text into sections

Dividing the text into sections makes the text easier to read. I recommend that you make sure that no text passage is longer than 150 words and that you make sure to use a new header or sub header every 300 words. A text passage can be shorter then the recommendation below but should never be longer.

Large text blocks makes it harder to keep track on where in the text you where reading. This is especially true when scrolling on a mobile device. Short passages makes it easier to keep track of where you are and make it easier to jump back into the text if something distracts you.

Avoid long entrances

Short sentences are generally easier to read than long sentences. You can make the text easier to understand by trying to wrote short sentences and by using an active language.

Write with the reader in mind

It is very easy to make sure that you adapt your language and style of writing depending on who your intended reader is.reader One type of language will be suitable when you want to sell a new skin care product but you will need to use a completely different language if you want to sell a new software to a professional trader. You need to make sure that you understand the potential customers and write a text that reflects their needs. You need to identify the needs of your reader and form the article in such a way that it provides them with a solution for their problem. The solution might be to follow your advice or to buy a certain product that offer features that solve their problem.

Almost all internet searches can be distilled down to a problem that the searcher wants to solve. It is your job as an article writer to understand that problem and make sure that you provide a solution.


If someone is searching for information on a certain type of sun block then it is likely that they need to know where to buy it, how much it cost, if it really works and if there are any side effects. Your article should make sure to answer all these questions.

Write long articles

Long articles are generally preferred by search engines and it will be easier to attract readers to your page if you fill it with long, well written articles. I recommend that you try to write articles that is at least 2000 words long. The average article length on top ranked web pages in google is 1890 words.